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Domenic F. Pileggi D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic 

• Member of Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association

• 2017 Graduate of New York Chiropractic

• Dr. Pileggi moved from the Philly area to join the team at Awaken.

• He has participated in organized sports his entire life and was a pole vaulter in College; He
continues to be very active in his daily life, making him passionate about treating all types of
sports injuries.

• He stays up to date on the latest treatment methods to be at the forefront of safe, gentle
effective chiropractic care, while working closely with other health care Providers to co-treat

• He practices what he preaches and believes “we must treat people as a whole, not a collection
of symptoms, in order to find long term health”!

• Extremely Passionate about proper ergonomics and posture, Dr. Dom is always mindful of
moving his body with purpose and strives to instill these ideals to his patient. If you see him in
town slouching, call him out!

• Dr. Dom stays healthy in his hobbies which include cooking, running, lifting, skiing, hiking, and
canoeing. But like any of us, he has days where he stays home and watches movies and Anime.