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Auto & Work Injuries

Auto Accidents


Injuries suffered as a result of a collision are not only extremely painful, but disruptive to your life.   If left untreated, even minor injuries sustained from a car crash can lead to decades of chronic pain.  Early intervention is more important than you may think.
The chiropractors at AWAKEN are experienced in the treatment of whiplash and contusive injuries suffered during collisions.   Injuries to the spine can recover in half the time with the proper treatment.  Most importantly…don’t wait.  Research shows that delayed treatment significantly prolongs recovery time. 
In most instances, auto insurance will cover the cost to help you recover.  

Work Injuries

On the job accidents and injuries happen each and every day.  No matter who may be at fault, your livelihood is at stake.  We can get you out of pain and back to work faster.  Give our office a call for an accurate diagnosis of your work injury and a plan of treatment will soon follow.

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Slip and Fall Injuries

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Dependent upon whether you tripped or slipped, a fall can result in a wide range of injures.  The earlier these are attended to, the less likely a permanent disability will occur. With your permission, our doctors will provide the documentation necessary to your legal team if litigation is in process.

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