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For over 60 years, Douglas Laboratories® has been dedicated to meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and is recognized as a leader in the development of high quality, science-based, innovative nutritional supplements across 12 health functions that support healthy lifestyles. Discover how Douglas Laboratories can help you achieve your potential of a healthier lifestyle, today and in the future.


Since 1924, Anabolic Laboratories has remained committed to providing their nutritional products exclusively to health care professionals. Their focus is to provide the highest quality nutritional products and to ensure total clinical satisfaction. Anabolic Laboratories is one of the only manufacturers of “pharmaceutical made” nutritional products that directly distributes products to health care professionals.

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Arthritis / Joint Inflamation

Glucosamine Plus X Strength

Important for joint cartilage maintenance.  Decreases pain associated with arthritis and degenerative spinal discs.

Turmeric Max-V

A strong natural anti-inflammatory.  Consistent ingestion of turmeric reduces joint, muscle, and nerve pain.


Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples.  It naturally reduces inflammation in the body while also assisting digestion of food.


Ultra Preventative (multivitamin)

Ultra Preventive® Kids is a great tasting, chewable multivitamin designed for children ages four and up. It provides 28 vitamins and minerals!!

 (Available in Orange or Grape Flavors).

Kids Chewable Vitamin C

Vitamin C is thought by some to enhance the immune system by stimulating the activities of natural killer cells (a type of white blood cell).

Multi - Vitamins

Ultra Preventative - 1 Daily

The highest quality and most simple way to assure you are getting the correct compliment of vitamins and minerals - Daily.  No more cheap over the counter substitutes.

Immune Boosters


Protect yourself from viral invaders.

Includes echinacea, zinc and other key ingredients for immune support.

C - D - Zinc

An all-in-one capsule for a bulletproof immune system.


Vitamin C 1000 mg

Strengthens the immune system.  Enhances the healing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Vitamin D3 - 1000 iu

Builds strong bones, improves hormone production, and improves immunity.

Klean C (Chewable)

Klean-C is a delicious, strawberry orange-flavored chewable tablet delivering 525 mg of Vitamin C. This specially formulated tablet utilizes vitamin C ascorbates to create a buffering effect for better tolerance in the stomach. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and free radical scavenger offering immune benefits and connective tissue support. Klean-C is NSF Certified for Sport.

Zinc Lozenges

Delicious orange-flavored lozenge that combines zinc with vitamin C for nutritional immune support against colds/flu.  Sooths sore throats!!

General Nutrition


An essential vitamin for both hair and nail growth / maintenance.

Calcium 6+ Mg & D3

Douglas Laboratories created a special complex of 6 sources of calcium with magnesium and other ingredients to assist the body in maintaining strong bones and teeth.

B-Complex Plus

Increases energy.  Aids in healing pinched nerves and sciatica. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Omega 3 Fish Oils - 1200 mg

Reduction of joint and vascular inflammation.  Helps improve mood / reduces depressive feeling. Orange oil infused for flavor / scent.

Digest-A-Mint (Digestion)

Assist digestion.  Reduces heartburn and bloating.  Peppermint flavor.

Flax Seed Oil Capsules

A great source of all essential omega fatty acids (3-6-9).  Beneficial to those who suffer from "dry eye".  Enhances brain function / memory.  Reduces joint and vascular inflammation in the body.

Magnesium Oxide

A natural muscle relaxer that calms the body, assists restful sleep, and reduces the frequency of headaches / migraines.  Also helps "restless legs".


Provides "good bacteria" that supports gastrointestinal and immune function.   Assists in replacing the intestinal flora destroyed by antibiotic us during illness or infection.

Multi-Probiotic Sinus Support

Magnesium Oxide supplies 300 mg of elemental magnesium from magnesium oxide in each vegetarian capsule.

Time Release Iron

Timed Release Iron tablets are specially designed to gradually release 54 mg of iron carbonyl (Ferronyl®) for a 6 to 8 hour period, reducing the likelihood of constipation and hardened stools.

Ubiquinol  ( Co Q10 ) 

The form ofCoenzyme Q10 that is better absorbed by those over 30 years old.  It reduces muscle soreness and fatigue in those taking "Statins" for high triglyceride/cholesterol levels. It is of special importance for older adults in enhancing cardiovascular function.

Ultra Protein + (Powder Mix)

Douglas Laboratories® has designed a comprehensive plant protein powder that contains all the essential amino acids, as well as a comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals to support optimal health. Ultra Protein Plus mixes into water or other liquids to create a delicious protein shake with natural flavors and sweeteners. (Available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavors)

Ultra Protein Greens (Powder Mix)

Ultra Protein Green™ is a plant-based protein powder that contains 5 sources of protein from pea, chia, brown rice, flaxseed, and chlorella. Additional organic greens, soluble fiber, inulin, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants make this formula a nutritionally satisfying, great-tasting vanilla "Super Shake". 

Uro-Pro (Prostate Health)

Uro-Pro® is a comprehensive combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbals and other nutrients, carefully formulated and specifically designed to support the healthy function of the prostate gland during the normal aging of men.

Klean Melatonin Oral Spray

Melatonin augments the normal functioning of the pineal gland, supporting the body’s natural sleep cycle. Klean Athlete® Melatonin is 3 mg of pure melatonin in a great-tasting natural raspberry lemonade-flavored liquid spray, to support the sleep in a quick-delivery, travel-ready form.

Vitamin E (Natural Complex)

Natural Vitamin E Complex contains pure, natural, mixed tocopherols including alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols for antioxidant protection.


Klean Electrolyte Capsules

Klean Electrolytes replenishes important minerals in the body during or after exercise. The loss of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and magnesium can lead to fatigue, dehydration and muscle cramps. The capsule form makes it easy to customize the dosage to meet individual training and performance needs.

Klean Hydration Drink Mix

Klean Hydration contains 6% carbohydrates with additional minerals for the replacement of fluid and electrolytes lost through sweat during physical activity. The carbohydrates and sodium in this great-tasting drink mix support the intestinal absorption of fluids to maximize hydration efficiency.

Ralaxation / Sleep Aid

Formula 303

Combines the herbs passiflora flower, valerian root with Mg+.  A natural calming supplement used for anxiety, muscle spasm / tension, and menstrual cramps.  Most report a much more restful sleep as well.

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