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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Although an “everything in moderation” approach works for some, AWAKEN strives to give their patients a better guide to a healthy lifestyle.  True wellness is simply a “whole body balance”.  Particularly during treatment, we encourage lifestyle and nutritional changes to speed your recovery and accomplish your goals of care.  We are big fans of Yoga because it strengthens the mind, body, and soul.  Even small changes in perspective, attitude, lifestyle and diet can be life-changing.

Consistency is Key

Image by Pete Nowicki

​Our chiropractors know that life is often a roller coaster, producing inevitable periods of stress.  Exercise and proper diet performed on a regular basis eases that stress. Time and time again, research has proven that adequate quality sleep significantly impacts one’s health as well.  Our doctors can suggest nutritional supplements, pillows, and positions that can dramatically improve your sleep. Incorrect posture is the underlying cause of many of the painful conditions with which our patients present. Postural exercises and ergonomic improvement will certainly be part of your care here at AWAKEN.  The increasingly sedentary nature of our society is a troubling issue because it is normally preventable. The increase in obesity among us eventually leads to diabetes and heart problems.  As a result, we now consume more pills than ever before.  Our goal is to prevent as many patients as we can from accepting this fate.

Adopt a Chiropractic Lifestyle

Let our chiropractors custom tailor a regular program of exercise for you - 20 to 30 minutes at least three or four times a week.  Exercise can be fun!  A walk or dancing at home to your favorite tunes are great ways to reap the benefits!  Never turn down a game of pickup basketball or volleyball.  Join a yoga class right here at AWAKEN  to reap the dual benefits of stretching and meditation. Quit the “chips, soda, and fast food” and plan simple meals that have healthy portions of fresh vegetables, fruit, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. Limit alcohol and coffee consumption. Quit smoking!  Take brown bag lunches to work or school, and skip the drive-through.  Your budget may thank you as much as your body will.  Think about making healthy meals on the weekend that can be stored and re-heated throughout the week. Those with hectic weekday schedules will love this approach.  See, just a little preparation and a few tweaks can set you on a path to lasting wellness and vitality.

Image by Tron Le
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