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Techniques & Therapies


Infrared / Cold Laser Therapy is used to speed along tissue repair. Relief from pain and inflammation are also secondary effects. Specific wavelengths of light target the body's deep tissue and accelerate the healing process. 


Muscles are composed of fibers that contract to create joint movement.  These fibers can become shortened and immobile after overuse or injury, causing pain and inflexibility.   Myofascial release can be employed by hand or by the use of special handheld tools.  Sustained pressure or a gliding motion is applied to the connective tissue restrictions to relax contracted muscles, improve blood and lymphatic circulation. The goal is to restore the muscles ability to fully contract without pain.


Massage therapy can be delivered in many forms, from a  gentle gliding motion called Swedish massage that produces stress relief and relations, to a more therapeutic deep-tissue technique which aims to improve function of the muscles and longer term pain relief.  Our office provides these forms as well as many others that are employed for a specific therapeutic goal. The other effects of massage therapy may include increasing blood circulation, reducing swelling, and facilitating lymphatic drainage.


Trigger Point Therapy (Nimmo)

The use of massage for trigger point therapy on a regular basis can help naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries. Pressure is applied to a trigger point long enough to release and relax the muscle. This increases blood flow to the muscle to allow normalization and bring it back to a health state.

Image by Katherine Hanlon


With roots in Chinese traditional medicine, Cupping Therapy utilizes suction to improve the flow of energy while increasing circulation to facilitate healing. Cupping can also relieve muscle tension and promote cellular repair. It is normal for patients to experience a residual oval area beneath the cups for a period of 3-5 days following the treatment. 

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Muscle Stimulation

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is a therapeutic treatment that applies electrical impulses to decrease pain and reduce muscle spasm.  AWAKEN may also use this therapy to build strength and/or prevent atrophy in patients with muscle injuries.

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Non-surgical spinal decompression is employed to decrease the gravitational pressure exerted on spinal discs.  Pressure on these discs can cause severe neck or back pain, radiating arm or leg pain, tingling and numbness, and muscular weakness.   Sciatica is often caused by a bulging or herniated disc.   Spinal decompression applies a gentle and consistent stretch to the spine to relieve the pressure from gravity.   This allows the spinal disc bulging to retract and the symptoms are therefore alleviated.


Ultrasonic Therapy

Therapeutic ultrasound uses sound waves above the range of human hearing to interact with tissues in the body that are either modified or destroyed. The soundwaves vibrate the cells within the tissues to create a deep heat that increases the blood flow to the area being treated. It can assist in the reduction of  localized swelling and chronic inflammation.

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Intersegmental Traction

Poor lifting and desk posture habits will often cause dysfunction of these joints.  Intersegmental traction tables gently reestablish and maintain the normal ranges of the motion by mobilizing the small joints of the spine.  This modality feels great and often accelerates the recovery progress from a back injury. The intersegmental table operates by a dual roller moving up and down the muscles on either side of the spine.

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