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Sports Injury Recovery

Sports injuries happen in childhood sports and can occur into your 70’s and 80’s as well.  Regardless of age, AWAKEN’s doctors have had extensive training in diagnosis and treatment of all sport’s related injuries. 

Image by Luis Santoyo

Taping, Bracing and Supports

Although participation in sports is frowned upon when one is recovering from an injury, supporting an injured area effectively may enable an athlete to continue playing nearly pain free.  Kinesio or ROCK taping are techniques that can lend support to a weakened area and enhance performance.  Bracing and wrapping are other avenues to accomplish that goal.

Kinesio and Rock Taping

Kinesio or ROCK taping are essentially adhesive and breathable taping techniques that are applied in specific patterns dependent upon the joint and muscle complex they intend to support.  A specific amount of stretch or tension is placed on the tape in certain areas to stimulate “mechanoreceptors”.  This neurological stimulus creates a cascade of events that can enhance performance of the muscle, support of a joint, and decrease the accumulation of inflammation.  Elite athletes were first spotted with this often colorful tape during competition.  However, amateur athletes who desire the same benefits afforded by the tape, can now be seen everywhere.  The AWAKEN doctors have extensive training in these techniques and may employ their use in your care to enhance the effect or their treatment.

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