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Shoulder & Clavicle

You probably already know what the shoulder region is, but you may not know that the clavicle region is interconnected with the function and location of the shoulder. The “collar bone” is a generic term used for the clavicle because it is just beneath your shirt collar. The clavicle consists of a slender, long bone that runs horizontally between the tops of your two shoulders. Interestingly, the clavicle is the only bone in the body that runs horizontally for its entire length.  All the other long bones run vertically: your spine, your legs and arms. 

Causes of  Pain in the Shoulder and Clavicle Region?

Shoulder Treatment

It’s quite common to experience shoulder and or clavicle pain. Even though the clavicle isn’t a “moving” bone, exterior pressure and weight can bear on this bone and cause discomfort. In addition, pain from one or both shoulders can radiate to the clavicle. Shoulder pain is even more common because the shoulder joint is so complex, has so much motion, and is so often used.  More motion in a joint also means it is less stable and prone to injury.

Common Causes of Shoulder and Clavicle Pain

Some of the most common causes of shoulder and or clavicle pain include:

  • When the protective cartilage around the clavicle or shoulder has worn down, calcium deposition and arthritis result, possibly forming spurs.

  • Trauma can bruise the bone, possibly from an auto accident or from sports.

  • Poor sleep posture, in which case your chiropractor can recommend a sleep posture or support that will take pressure off the shoulder or clavicle region.

  • Repetitive use with one’s arms above the head can cause irritation and fatigue.

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