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Treatment of TMJ

The temporomandibular joints are the connections of your jawbone and your skull on each side. Therefore, every time you move your jaw, these are the joints at play. Certain habits like teeth grinding really wreak havoc on this joint. Improper bite alignment is also a factor.

Recognizing the common symptoms of dysfunction of this joint can prevent a serious issue.   The pain and other unpleasant symptoms can be eased by medication but a chiropractor can often identify and treat the imbalance, solving the problem.

TMJ Signs and Symptoms


Teeth grinding or clenching, genetics, or a jaw injury can lead to a TMJ issue.  Pain can occur in one or both of your joints.   An aching sensation may develop  that extends to your ears. The pain can interfere with your ability to chew and open your mouth fully.


Headaches and neck pain often also result. Some people experience ringing in the ears as well.. A common sign that you have TMJ is you hear a grating or clicking sound when you open your mouth.

If you only hear a clicking sound when you open your mouth, your TMJ is most likely mild and does not require treatment. However, when you have pain and the TMJ symptoms interfere with your ability to chew, you should seek out treatment.

Chiropractic Adjustments of the TMJ

An AWAKEN doctor will thoroughly assess the function of the TMJ.  In many cases, a specific chiropractic adjustment of this joint can address the root of the problem, helping ease your pain and other symptoms. It may also help avoid having to take medication to manage the pain. Some prescription medications can cause unwanted side effects. 

During a chiropractic appointment for TMJ, our chiropractors will determine the specific location where your jaw needs to be repositioned to correct the problem. With a TMJ alignment, your practitioner repositions your jaw manually, yet gently. Although this takes the pressure off the surrounding soft tissue, manual massage inside and outside of the mouth may be necessary to provide complete relief.

More than likely, our chiropractors will also guide you through exercises as well that work the jaw in a manner that can ease your pain and discomfort. 

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