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New Patient Center

Welcome to AWAKEN!
We chose to include our mission directly on our office logo, OPTIMAL HEALTH, because we want our patients to know how focused the AWAKEN team is in helping you to achieve that. Many of new patients seek relief from their pain and that is always our initial focus. However, during the process of treatment and recovery, our team strives to provide a more comprehensive insight on the betterment of overall health and lifestyle. 

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We know the first visit to a chiropractor or any doctor’s office can be anxiety producing. We make every possible effort to ease the process of completing paperwork, learning new names, and navigating the office. We know your recovery will be faster without the unnecessary stress. This area of the website allows you to adequately prepare for your upcoming visit.  If any questions remain, please contact us at (570) 489-4444.

Allow 60 minutes for your initial visit. The history and exam is thorough.

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes early for your appointment.

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