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Home Stretching and Exercise

Those who suffer from chronic pain stand to gain the most from daily exercise.  Stiffness when attempting to move is a common symptom that occurs as we age.  Injuries that may have occurred earlier in life could be the cause of an early onset.  Yes, approaching inclement weather can make it even worse. Chiropractors are extremely knowledgeable in the subject of home exercise and will likely include them in your plan of care for improved recovery and overall quality of life going forward.  Both stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed for you.  It is vital to make a commitment to yourself and your doctor to perform these as instructed.

The Many Benefits of Stretching and Strengthening 

Resistance Exercise Band

Aerobic exercise enhances blood circulation and fluid drainage, which can help control swelling and feed more healing oxygen to the tissues. Consistent stretching  can release pent-up muscle tension and limber up the tissues to ease muscle spasms, making the everyday motion more comfortable, and reduce your risk of injury. Strengthening reduces risk as well by lending extra stability to the key muscle groups that maintain your posture, symmetry, and balance.

Strengthening Exercises to Support Your Musculoskeletal System

Strengthening exercises typically target the stabilizing muscle groups of your spine responsible for maintaining musculoskeletal alignment. Our chiropractors will work hard to align your spine but these exercises are crucial in maintaining that alignment, often allowing your doctor to decrease the frequency of your appointments.

Image by Alora Griffiths
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